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A range of research services 
A large portion of our projects are pre-recruited, face-to-face interviews with individuals or groups, held at professional qualitative research facilities with viewing rooms, video streaming, recording and staff. Sometimes these interviews can be recruited on the spot, for example at professional conferences or in shopping malls.

Ethnographic Research
Home visits, shop-alongs, sales simulations and other "ethnographic" techniques entail direct observation of people in the environments where they think about, talk about, purchase or use products and services. We welcome the opportunity to discuss creative ways to find your marketing targets where they live.

Remote Qualitative Research
Your prospects may be spread across many locations or be hard to schedule. In such cases, remote qualitative research can be conducted via social networking, video conferencing, moderated online discussion groups, or in-depth phone interviews. There are many options that yield rich information.

Most quantitative studies are conducted online, where a very large-scale study can be conducted in a relatively short period of time at a price that is often surprisingly affordable.  You may wish to use your own email contact lists, or to draw a sample from a national or international database.  This method is a good way to test different product concepts or creative alternatives, as well as to gather highly detailed information about your targets' behavior and attitudes.