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Quantitative Surveys

Most of our quantitative research is done online, where a large-scale study can be conducted in a relatively short period of time at a price that is often surprisingly affordable. This methodology is a good way to test the relative effectiveness of product concepts or creative alternatives, as well as to gather highly detailed information about your targets' behavior and attitudes.  Because it uses a structured questionnaire, the study can be replicated -- for example, to track awareness and perceptions of a brand at several points over time.

MTI works with you to design the study and the questionnaire.  Then we partner with leading online providers to collect data from lists of respondents that you supply, databases that the providers maintain, or a combination of both.  The questionnaire programming automatically handles skip patterns, list randomization, and prompts to keep the respondent on track and answering all questions.  Images can be viewed and items can be manipulated in three dimensions. Open-ended responses can also be captured and coded.  Data collection typically happens over a week or two, and the results can be viewed in real time during the course of the study.

When the final data are delivered to MTI, we analyze it and produce a written report or presentation with clear statements of finding and recommendations for action.