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In-Person Qualitative Interviews
We have a long history of conducting pre-recruited, face-to-face interviews.  These might be large focus groups of 8 or more respondents, or smaller groups, pairs or individuals.  We'll recommend the best solution for you, depending on your objectives.  Our moderators have deep experience and well-honed skills in creating rapport and managing the pace of the discussion. We make use of projective verbal and non-verbal techniques to examine an issue from different angles and uncover valuable information.

Most focus groups are held at professional qualitative research facilities with viewing rooms, but sometimes these interviews can be recruited on the spot, for example at professional conferences or in shopping malls.

We do all or part of the job, depending on your needs.  A soup-to-nuts project would entail:
  • Study design
  • Development of the recruiting specifications and screening questionnaire
  • Selection and supervision of research facilities
  • Creation of a discussion guide
  • Conducting the interviews
  • Handling the incentive payments to respondents
  • Video streaming for remote viewing by clients unable to travel
  • Audio and video recordings of the sessions
  • Written report or presentation of the findings